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A Healthy Lifestyle at 51
About me!
COMMIT YOUR WORKS TO THE LORD, AND YOUR THOUGHTS WILL BE ESTABLISHED. PROVERBS: 16:3 Hi! My name is Corlene. I am a Wife, Mother, Minister, Young Living Wholesale Member, CEO and Founder of CNR Wellness. I enjoy being my own BOSS, I get to choose my own path and enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and looking good, working for my family and myself building a much better future.
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You can promote Wellness, Purpose and Abundance. On your schedule. On your terms. At your pace. But with all of the tools, support and community you could hope for.

Our product categories – including wellness, green living, supplements, nutrition, and personal care — are some of the most sought after in the world today! Better yet, our essential oils offer quality and integrity people can’t find anywhere else!

 As a company built around the power of essential oils to transform lives, we offer products formulated to enrich every aspect of your life.

HOME: From conventional shampoos to cleansers, products you use every day may contain harmful chemicals. Young Living offers a wide range of natural alternatives for cleansing, family health, personal care, and more that will help protect your family.

WELLNESS: Where diets and ineffective mainstream supplements fall short, we offer nutritional, antioxidant-rich, targeted wellness, energy, and other solutions to help you live more vibrantly.

BEAUTY: Natural beauty never goes out of style. Rediscover your most radiant self with our anti-aging A.R.T Line, beautifully fragrant bath and body products, and rejuvenating skin-care offerings.

BALANCE: A life that balances spiritual, mental, and emotional wellness is a fulfilled life. Our unique, pure essential oils and blends are formulated to help you discover the benifits of balance and freedom from stress and occasional anxiety. (Read more)     

We are a company built upon trust, integrity, and pure therapeutic products. Whether you are interested in our quality products, being a part of our TEAM or BOTH you are in the right place. 

Our personal products make
the perfect gift for birthdays,
holiday time, or anytime!

Between getting the kids ready for the day, making healthy meals, running to extracurricular activities, and keeping the house clean, it’s a wonder parents have any time left to themselves. If you’re looking for a few ways to seize more from... (Read More)


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